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Feb. 25, 2021

Meating Jake

Meating Jake

Helloooo helloooo and welcome to the MeatBucket Blog!

I want to share a memory of the first time I met Jake... It was my first day on the job; I was meandering around the halls looking for my desk. I turned the corner and right there down a dimly lit alley with office doors on my right and blue/gray carpeted cubicles on my left stood this jovial being in a striped golf shirt, gray slacks, and weathered brown loafers, with a mug of freshly brewed Folgers in his left hand and his right hand stuck straight out in front of him ready for a firm handshake.

"Howdy! (what a treat of a greeting that is). I'm Jake, let me show you around."

He didn't have to show me around too far, my desk was in the cubicle right next to his.

8 years and many many beverages and memories later here we are. Jake has an easy way about him - makes you feel like you belong. Go ahead and give the show a listen, you'll know just what I mean.

Stay Pure,