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These boys know what’s up

These guys know how to speak cooking and know the effort it takes to succeed. Love the pod and the people they interview

Pure Legends

Episode with Cam & Foligno was legendary!!!

Great Listen!

I’m enjoying each and every episode of the Meat Bucket pod. Nick and Jake sound like they’ve been doing this for years! Keep up the good work!

Great Moments Are Born From Great Opportunities - HB

I have now listened to all of your shows. I really have enjoyed them!! I think your last show with Cam, Nick, Tony, and the Wizard was your best show. I think you may have found something that really works. Just dudes being dudes! Good company, outstanding food, and libations!! That last episode was PURE 🔥 fire!! I have enjoyed them all, but that last episode just flowed. Perhaps you will do a mixer at cleaver for friends of the show. Perhaps that is wishful thinking in a world of Covid. Regardless, I am a fan!! Excited for more for sure. The 400th Follower

Certified Banger of a Podcast

Love this pod to the core. As a guy who eats food myself, I enjoy listening to other passionate food eaters who chow down with more than just a purpose of satisfying an appetite. These guys have opened up doors for me on new and unique foods to try, places in the Columbus area to check out and a whole lot more. As an avid listener, i look forward to seeing how this podcast continues to grow and have enjoyed riding the bucket the whole way. Cheers! -Kreber

More than meat

If you love love, then the MeatBucket podcast is for you. Put on your favorite pair of elastic-waist pants and cozy hoody that’s one size too big. Allow gravity to wash over you as you ease into your favorite seat. Grin wide as you listen to two lifelong friends chat about cooking, meat, cocktails, and life. Immerse yourself in the smells and tastes as Nick and Jake break bread with Columbus’s up-and-coming chefs and restauranteurs. Feel the love that co-hosts have for food, for each other, and for you. If you don’t love love, then maybe this won’t be your thing. That’s okay though - the MeatBucket podcast loves you regardless.

Yes please

Vibes purer than the driven snow.

Listen Now!

The Meatbucket is so good! Who wouldn’t want to learn more about making good food? Nick and Jake are just good guys having a good time. Keep up the great pods! I know I will keep tuning in!


Nick & Jakes deliver time and time again. With how great the food scene in Columbus is it is WILD no one was doing this before them. This is what our community needed!!!

Meatbucket is puuuure

This pod has everything you’re looking for if you love a good podcast with great hosts, great content, and a great way to learn how to make quality meats that satisfy all. Highly recommend.

Billy Mays Approves

Hi! Billy Mays here for 2020’s best podcasts, your #1 source for the years most exciting and puuuure audio content. If you haven’t given this riveting, yet informative podcast a listen you’re truly missing out! Nick, Jake and their industry expert guests keep the good times flowing with tips, stories and ideas for your next meat filled food experience. Listen to it once and you’ll be Hercules Hooked! Thy humble servant above, -Billie Mays

Peyur eh nye

The vibe is alive and the groove is smooth with these two. Come for the interesting topics regarding all things food and stay for the great insight from superb guests and fellowship for all. Crack a coldie, fire up the grill, and go ahead and ride the literal bucket! Cheers boys and crack on.

So meaty

I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to these two (and guests) discussing culinary delights and provide us with ways to make our meals (or mine at least) more interesting. This podcast is most pleasing to my tastebuds and my ear holes. Thanks!!!

Foodie? This is for you.

I never thought I’d find myself having mouth watering day dreams based off of a podcast. But here we are. Nick and Jake brilliantly guide us through a culinary journey and ground us by reminding us we can try all these local restaurants and attempt our own food adventures with home grown grocery shops. I’m patiently waiting for my meat/beer/bourbon pairing info graphic I’m in awe. Thank you!

One of my top podcasts!

These guys are unreal. Their knowledge of food is only rivaled by what they can do in a kitchen if you're ever so lucky to witness. This is one of my podcast mainstays and I can't wait to see the future of their content!

Keep it up guys!

Absolutely love this podcast. It is filled with humor and knowledge. Each episode has many things to look forward to: description of meat and sausages cooked on site, drinks to pair it with, and discussions with people behind the scenes in the food industry. Not only is it great for expanding your breadth on meats, it will give you the back story of small businesses and better understanding of entrepreneurship. It hits it all! Nick and Jake are fantastic host of the podcast. Each conversation is fluid and funny. Keep it up guys! Looking forward to more episodes.

Marylousheehan@ ymail. Com

Wow what a show so much information and humor at the same time makes me want to visit the meat bucket and buy my meat and try some of the yummy recipes

They have the meats!

Love listening to The Meatbucket Pod! Nick and Jake have the best podcast voices and I have loved listening, laughing and learning with them on this podcast journey they’ve established!


The podcast had me laughing and absorbing meat knowledge the whole time! Not knowing much about meat and how to cook it this makes it easy and fun to learn. Nick and Jake are candid and are relatable. Great guest choices so far too!

Dig the Man Meat

As a connoisseur of quality meat and booze, this podcast speaks to me in a profound way. Keep up the great work bros, will be tuning it for every ep. Pure.

Love it

Hilarious and engaging. These guys HAVE THE MEATS!


Life affirming. A revelation. An absolute triumph. The MeatBucket podcast is a wild, spirited ride and its not too late to climb aboard and ride the wave.


Love this!!! Entertaining, great senses of humor and meaty content

Sensational entertainment

Scholars often ponder how one should spend a long car ride or an hour and a half of free time. Well, they can move on to the next question because the answer has revealed itself in The MeatBucket Podcast. From the down to earth and real conversations, to the educational information on how to prepare your favorite meals, this podcast has it all. When it’s over your mouth will be watering for a great piece of meat and a tasty beverage to wash it down. Job well done and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

Let’s Go!

This show is absolute fire. Anyone interested in learning more about the culinary arts should give this a listen. What’s not to like? Jake and Nick lather up the air waves with their velvety smooth voices. They fire up delicious meat with expert craftsmen and they tilt back high ABV adult beverages. The perfect mix of comedic and educational content. Looking forward to listening to more episodes!


Great content. An excellent place for meat lovers alike. Love where this podcast is starting and so excited to see where it can go. Will definitely stop by the butcher and the grocer next time I’m in Columbus because of this podcast. Keep up the great work!


Way to go boys, great show - very entertaining and informative. Really Love the MeatBucket!