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Dec. 11, 2019

The Brisket Burger! - A Pilot MeatBucket Experience with Nick and Jake

The Brisket Burger! - A Pilot MeatBucket Experience with Nick and Jake

Welcome to The MeatBucket Podcast! A show focused on the passion and stories of people connected to the food scene.

If your hobbies include cooking, smoking and grilling meats, eating, drinking, going out to restaurants, and hanging out with your family and friends, then this is the podcast for you. 

If there is an entrepreneurial spirit burning inside of you and you are you seeking some insights on how to start, grow, and perfect your business, then keep listening my friend because the feeling is mutual for many listeners and guests and this is the podcast for you.

This is Episode 0  - The Pilot Episode - hosted by Nick Massaro and Jake Thaxton. 

The intent of this episode is to provide a little context of what a MeatBucket Experience is and where it came from and to give a sneak preview of what the show may sound like moving forward. 

In that sneak preview, Nick and Jake get together for a MeatBucket Experience, take a brisket burger from The Butcher & Grocer,  cook it simply, taste it, and describe it. They do a little "What would you pair it with?", which is a segment they hope to do on every MeatBucket Experience style episode moving forward. And finally, they do some "Anding/Butting".

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