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June 3, 2020

The Wizard of Za - A MeatBucket Experience with Spencer Saylor

The Wizard of Za - A MeatBucket Experience with Spencer Saylor

As we mentioned in the intro, please take this episode as a reminder that food/drink can be a powerful way to unite with people in your community. Slow down. Listen. Learn. Reflect. Change. And be involved in the movement to make the world a better place one MeatBucket Experience at a time.

Nick and Jake meat with Spencer Saylor, Columbus' favorite underground pizzaiolo known as The Wizard of Za.

Always, a special thanks to The Butcher & Grocer for the support!

To get on the waiting list for this one-if-a-kind pizza experience, please contact Spencer directly through his Instagram page @Wizardofza - be sure to let him know The MeatBucket Boys sent you!

To order the best ice cream sandwiches we have EVER tasted, please send a direct message to Cali @Littlesweetiescbus - again, please be sure to let her know The MeatBucket Boys sent you! 

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