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March 31, 2021

Tidal Waves of Positive Energy - A MeatBucket Experience with Rick Ricart of #1Ricart Automotive

Tidal Waves of Positive Energy - A MeatBucket Experience with Rick Ricart of #1Ricart Automotive

#RideTheBucket with Nick and Jake as they meat at CLEAVER for an exclusive interview with Rick Ricart of #1Ricart Automotive to talk  Arnold Schwarzenegger insider stories, peanuts & coke, family business and legacy, and why shopping at The Butcher & Grocer is important to Rick.

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Rick Ricart Profile Photo

Rick Ricart


Rick Ricart is the President of Ricart Automotive Group in Columbus, Ohio. Ricart Ford was founded in July 1953 by his grandfather, Paul Ricart Sr. It was his grandfather’s philosophy that to lead, you must first work alongside the employees. Rick started out as a lot attendant and by 2005 had worked in eight different positions with the various brands. In 2011, having touched every aspect of the business, Rick assumed all Sales and Marketing operations at the dealership, experiencing significant and sustainable growth every yearthereafter. Rick has a true passion for marketing, innovation and mobility advancements. In 2018, Rick was appointed co-President of the company.